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Shortly releasing a book on the most beautiful Corbett National Park by a leading international publisher.

Forthcoming photo exhibition in Lucknow will be announced very soon.

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You can purchase high definition photo prints of Wild Life Shoot and Books available on famous online book stores.   ( want to buy... )

05% of the earnings from the sales (photographs/ books) are pledged for the cause of Indian Wildlife.

Famous news daily Times of India has published a calendar on Dr. Arora's Wildlife photos.

Dr. Naveen Arora - Wild Life Conservation
Academics Profile...

Dr. Arora is a renowned researcher in the field of Agricultural & Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology. He has more than 40 research papers published in the premium International Journals and delivered talks in national and international conferences around the globe. Being a microbial technologist by profession he has great zeal for the research work in the field of environment and agriculture and the focus is to clean up the ecosystems and develop holistic, sustainable and ecofriendly technologies. The applicability of his research for sustainable and ecofriendly agriculture is recognized by number of scientific bodies. In this field he is striving to make the agriculture system free from harmful chemicals. His two novel findings have been applied and are under the process of patenting.


Another major focus of research is on evaluation of microbial diversity of the various habitats in northern India. He is working on the assessment of quality of water of river Ganga and ways for its conservation and cleanup.


To accomplish these goals he has received grants from national bodies of Government of India such as Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, University Grants Commission, New Delhi and Council of Science and Technology, Lucknow.

Research Interests
Currently working in the field of agriculture & environmental microbial technology and microbial diversity. This includes isolation, screening and study the interactions of potentially useful biopesticide and biofertilizer bacterial strains. Developed new technology for increasing crop yield by using chemical free biological formulation.

Also working on bioremediation of industrial effluents rich in phenols and cyanides. Got potentially patentable bacterial strains and bioprocess for simultaneous degradation of phenols and cyanides.

Working on monitoring of Ganga water pollution, its possible microbiological aspects, and ways to improve the quality of river.

Research work Published and presented:

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Wildlife Conservation - Objectives