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Shortly releasing ‘Splendid Wilds…….. safari through Corbett’ an intriguing book on the experiences in the amazing jungles.

Photo-exhibition showcasing the beautiful wilds shot through his lens

Shortly releasing a book on the most beautiful Corbett National Park by a leading international publisher.

Forthcoming photo exhibition in Lucknow will be announced very soon.

Sales - Books, Photos
You can purchase high definition photo prints of Wild Life Shoot and Books available on famous online book stores.   ( want to buy... )

05% of the earnings from the sales (photographs/ books) are pledged for the cause of Indian Wildlife.

Famous news daily Times of India has published a calendar on Dr. Arora's Wildlife photos.

Dr. Naveen Arora - Wild Life Conservation

Dr. Naveen Arora’s interest in wildlife and natural environment is from childhood. He has a huge  obsession for the wildlife of India and aims to conserve it at any cost. In his own words ‘The love for wildlife and the nature grows each day, minute or second and it is like the best addiction one can have’.

Dr. Arora has written for most of the International & National bodies. He has 27 research papers published in the premium International Journals and delivered in 12 national and international conferences around the globe. His two novel findings have been applied and are under the process of patenting.

Below are his proceedings in publications:

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Wildlife Conservation - Objectives

Wild Life Shoot

  • A sustainable wildlife resource base is vital to ensure biodiversity, human health and food security.
  • The world is in the midst of a global environmental crisis. We are loosing species and habitats faster than we are saving them and in Asia the issue is critical.
  • Photography, media and books  have a specific role in revealing this critically important issue. Powerful images that inspire people to act are a catalyst for education, cultural understanding and social action.
  • Being an Academician, Researcher and more as Human it is a moral responsibility to generate wildlife awareness among society.
  • Natural habitats are like national heritage and must be conserved for the future. This includes soil, rivers and other water bodies. Conservation of soil and water itself leads to protection of forests, wildlife and environment as a whole.