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The incredible forests of India are home to one of the most diverse flora and fauna on earth. The author has regularly visited the jungles of northern India and found them to be amazingly thrilling and beautiful. The MS elaborates the aura of Indian forests and lets the readers feel to be right in the middle of the jungle completely awed by the scenery and the inhabitants. The book is in the form of compilation of experiences and description of the beauty of the Indian wilds which the author had absorbed since last 28 years of his life. Along with the experiences the MS also includes some true and thrilling stories. It is in the form of nine chapters which elaborate the aura of Indian jungles including some hair rising, some funny, and some exciting encounters with the extraordinary wildlife of India, right in their natural habitat. The experiences are right from the time when the author was a young boy and describes how the seeds of love were sown at the tender age. In the first story the beauty of the jungles and the scenery - which inspired for further expeditions - are described. Subsequently the love germinated and blossomed with the bond becoming stronger and stronger with time. The sudden wildlife encounters are intricately described.

Like in any of the jungles in India the points of major attraction and description are the tiger trails and encounters. Luckily or more due to discipline the author had several encounters with the King of the Jungles in India and most of these have been described minutely with passion and excitement. Apart from tigers, encounters with elephants are also one of the highlights. Most of the times author is for the lookout for the elusive tiger but during one of the incidences the big cat comes right face to face. The situation was quite tense but also adventurous. Bouquets of feelings engulfed but the encounter finally proved to be one of the highest points of his life. In another story a lousy city driver – accompanying the author - is terrorized by the elephants in the forest. Finally his lousiness results in an amazing encounter with a leopard – proving to be blessing in disguise. Several such characters come and go in the different stories/ incidences which add like spice to the cuisine.

The scenic beauty of the jungle engulfs the thought and explanation of the author. The changes that occurred with time – in the past twenty eight years – are explained intricately. The landscape change amazingly with seasons, years and time and this has been described minutely, maintaining the freshness and interest. The forest is explored on kutchha (rough) roads using open vehicles or closed ones, on the backs of elephants, sitting for hours on the machan (watch towers), or observing the slightest of the details sitting in the porch of the rest houses.The major emphasis and outcome of the whole reading experience will be the inculcation of love for nature.
Most of the stories are absolutely true being the personnel experiences but some of them are as narrated by the locals. Like the one where a mahaut is attacked by a tiger and saved by his pet – an elephant, another where an official faints after sighting a big male tiger. Each story is quite different from the previous one and also adds to the knowledge component of the reader. Quote ‘Nature always throws surprises and learning is a never ending process’ is proven again and again throughout the length of the book. The thrills and novelties are the intricate part of nature/ forests and these results in freshness in each and every incident or story presented in the book. Corbett National Park, Nainital, India is the backdrop of this manuscript and can also be termed as the reason for development of love and affection for the wilds, the book describes the ‘Splendid Wilds’ and ‘Aura of Corbett’.

Books Published

  1. Arora NK. 2013. Splendid Wilds……..safari through Corbett. Shree Publisher, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-81-8329-507-9
  2. Arora NK. 2013. Plant Microbe Symbiosis: Fundamentals and Advances, Springer. ISBN 978-81-322-1286-7
  3. Arora NK. 2015. Plant Microbe Symbiosis: Applied Facets, Springer. ISBN 978-81-322-2067-1
  4. Arora NK, Mehnaz S, Balestrini R 2015 Bioformulations: for sustainable agriculture, Springer (Under Process)


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